Denice brings the lore.

Denice De Guzman has been fascinated by the fantastic all her life. A random copy of Creatures of Midnight by Maximo D. Ramos in the school library at a very young age set her on this path. She is the founder of the pop-up events outfit CatScratch Club, and a member of the comedy erotica group Deus Sex Machina. For a huge scaredy cat, she still subscribes to the #aswanglife, and maintains that the most terrifying thing on this planet are ants.


Juabe brings the drama. 

Juabe C. Inciong, renowned Diglett aficionado, has been a podcast fan for a few years, now having the courage (and the right partner) to make his own. A consummate storyteller, he weaves tales on different platforms: web series, zines, and micro-RPGs. He is sometimes funny with BREGZ and dabbles as a commentator for fighting game tournaments. He is terrified of not living up to his potential, and the inconceivable cancellation of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures.

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