Philippine mythology has been woven in many a Filipino kid’s psyche. In the Philippines, it is unlikely to meet someone who has not heard of stories of the horse-headed Tikbalang or the half-bodied Manananggal. However, there are many other Philippine fantastical creatures that make the monster manual of local folklore even more interesting.
MeLoreDrama talks about creatures from Philippine Mythology and the stories we make for them. In MeLoreDrama, we are discovering new creatures; the scary, the interesting, and uniquely Filipino in flavor, and plugging them into new stories.
Produced, hosted and developed by Denice De Guzman and Juabe Inciong, this podcast explores the what was and what could be in the fantastical stories we grew up with, and lets our own local folklore inspire and help us understand our history and Filipino identity, then and now.
Join us every other Monday starting February 25th, 2019 as we delve into the local folklore and make story pitches and writing prompts out of them. You can find it on Spotify, iTunes, or wherever you listen to podcasts
For updates, follow Meloredrama on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram via @meloredramapod. You can also email meloredrama.pod@gmail.com.
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