Yanggaw: Aswang Puberty

In which we explore the myths of the Yanggaw and its co-aswang, the
Amalanhig, and the burgeoning/birth of how one starts craving for blood.
Also, car-themed anime, family dramas, and a reiteration of how much of a
scaredy cat we actually are.

Again, this is all possible thanks to our patrons: Lee, Ellie, Pam, Kenneth
and Noelle! May your blood never seem tasty to the creatures of the night!

If you want to support our show and hear more creatures of Philippine
Mythologies, you can become our patron at patreon.com/meloredrama!

Our theme music is "As I Figure" by Kevin MacLeod and our music bed is
"Severe Tire Damage" by Kevin McLeod, found on
incompetech.filmmusic.io, with a CC Licence by (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)

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