Sigbin: Aswangimorphs

In which we stalk the legends of the Sigbin, a creature that looks like a
hybrid of kangaroos, rabbits and dogs, with a very literal twist. Also, eco-
brick pokeballs, less than 100 and 1 days of summer vacation in the tri-
province area, and Pokemon but with more Mon than Poke.

Happy 2020, everyone! As always, our thanks go to Lee, Sin, Ellie, Pam,
Kenneth, Kat and Noelle: May you be as lucky as a Sinigbinan, even without a
were-creature in your possessions! If like them, you want to help support the
show and encourage us to make more stories about creature of Philippine
Mythology, please consider becoming our patron at!

Our theme music is by Kevin McLeod, and it's called "As I Figure". For our
music bed, we used "Wholesome", also by Kevin McLeod, found on, with a CC Licence BY

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