NOTE: This episode is in Tagalog/Taglish in celebration of Buwan Ng Wika!

In which we celebrate Buwan Ng Wika (Filipino Language Month) with Creation Myths in our Mother Tongue! Ethan of Tabi-Tabi Podcast takes over as a guest host to regale us with Manuvu creation myths! Also, not completely hygienic arts and crafts, celestial PR spins, and Campmaster Earl of Philippine Campfire Stories joining us on the voting panel for which Manuvu deity did it better.

This episode is part of the Buwan Ng Wika collaboration between MeLoreDrama Podcast, Tabi-Tabi Podcast, and Philippine Campfire Stories! Catch other Philippine stories of Creation as Campmaster Earl of Philippine Campfire Stories drops by Tabi-Tabi Podcast with the Tagalog creation legends, and MeLoreDrama goes camping with a Visayan creation myth over at Philippine Campfire Stories

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